Apple HomePod mini Smart Speaker


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HomePod mini packs a punch.

Room-filling sound.

An intelligent assistant.

Control your smart home.

Private and secure.


Nothing short of amazing.

Jam-packed with innovation, HomePod mini delivers unexpectedly big sound for a speaker of its size. At just over 8 centimetres tall, it takes up almost no space but fills the entire room with rich 360-degree audio that sounds amazing from every angle.
Boundary-pushing computational audio creates the full, detailed tones of a much larger speaker — and HomePod mini turns it up without missing your voice commands.
HomePod mini is designed to fit anywhere in the house. Its elegant shape is wrapped in a perfectly seamless mesh fabric that’s virtually transparent to the sound passing through it. A backlit touch surface on the top provides quick control.
With multiple HomePod mini speakers placed around the house, you can have aconnected sound system for your whole home.Ask Siri to play one song everywhere or, just as easily, a different song in each room. And HomePod mini works with HomePod for multi-room audio and features like Intercom.
If you want to take the amazing sound experience of HomePod mini even further, you can create a stereo pair.Two HomePod mini speakers paired in the same room create left and right channels for an immersive soundstage.
HomePod mini works effortlessly with your Apple devices.Pick up an incoming call from your iPhone, listen to music on your Mac or upgrade your TV experience by taking the sound from your Apple TV to the next level — they all connect to HomePod mini.
If you’re enjoying music or a podcast and have to head out, you can continue to listen on your iPhonewithout missing a beat. Hand it off simply by bringing your iPhone close to HomePod mini. And coming soon, you’ll experience the feeling of your iPhone and HomePod mini connecting virtually as the sound transfers.
Also coming soon are personalised listening suggestions that will automatically appear on your iPhone when you hold it next to HomePod mini. You’ll have instant control at your fingertips without having to unlock your iPhone.

Intelligent assistant

Siri does everything like there’s nothing to it.

Siri is your do-it-all intelligent assistant that puts HomePod mini at the centre of your family’s activities. Whether you need a hand with a wide variety of everyday tasks, want easy control over your smart home accessories or simply want to hear your favourite song — just ask Siri.


Hey Siri, play some Bollywood Music

Listen to tracks by song, artist, album, playlist, genre or lyrics.


Hey Siri,play NDTV, We The People

Listen to Apple Podcasts and radio stations.


Hey Siri,how many millilitres are in a cup?

Convert units and measurements.

Hey Siri,add flour to the grocery list

Create lists and reminders. Siri will update them across all your devices.


Hey Siri,what’s the closest hardware store to me?

Get local information based on your location.


Hey Siri,find my iPhone

Locate your devices with a ping.


Hey Siri,text Mom, Can’t wait to see you

Send and receive messages, and make or take phone calls.


Hey Siri,make the house warmer

Control smart home accessories like thermostats, lights and blinds.


Hey Siri,is the front door locked?

Get the status of connected accessories.


Hey Siri,it’s film night

Create scenes that control multiple devices simultaneously with a single phrase.

Intercom spreads the word.

With more than one HomePod in the house, you can communicate with your family members by voiceusing Intercom. Ask Siri to send your message to the whole house or to individual rooms — and everyone can easily respond.

Hey Siri,announce, On my way home, want me to pick anything up?

Intercom also works with your other Apple devicesso you can send and receive messages through CarPlay while you’re driving, on your AirPods during a workout or with your Apple Watch when you’re running errands.

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